Announcing the Separation of the Sports Management Platform/Application (SportsPlus) from the Company Name and Domain (Thapos)

Since the day we started our journey, each one of us at Thapos has endeavored to design an innovative, easy-to-use, and all-in-one sports management application that can help the clubs and leagues to set up & manage hundreds of games, teams and athletes with ease.

Our efforts have been rewarded when you (the customers) have started using the Thapos application to seamlessly manage all your club, league, team and athlete related activities. The platform helped to reduce the paperwork and save time to maximize your sporting experience.

We have received a number of comments/feedback appreciating the hard work done and the scope to advance it further. Taking all those valuable inputs into consideration, we are enhancing the user experience with the platform and in the process we have decided to give a better and more suitable name for the platform.

The Big Day of Separation

Effective from 14th December 2018, we are going to separate the sports management application/platform from the company’s website/domain. It means the application will be no longer hosted on the company’s domain The new name of the application is SportsPlus, which will be hosted on a separate domain

From Dec 14th, 2018 onwards, Thapos will solely stand as the company that is offering the sports management application/platform named SportsPlus.

Data Remains Same & Untouched

As the application/platform alone is getting separated from the Thapos domain, all our customer data will remain the same & untouched. The users can log into their accounts on the domain and can access the application normally.

We would like to clarify that the separation does not impact any functionality, security, privacy or accessibility of the application. Everything will work same as before. We believe the new name & new identity better matches the services we are offering.

If anything is not clear or you require any further information, please feel free to contact us at


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