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Swimming is an individual or team sport that involves moving through water with one’s complete body. The sport can be done in a pool or in open water. Swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sports, with events ranging from butterfly to backstroke to breaststroke to freestyle to individual medley. Recreational swimming has been documented in prehistoric times, with the earliest evidence reaching back to Stone Age paintings from roughly 10,000 years ago. The earliest written allusions stretch back to 2000 BC. The Top 5 Swimming Online Stores in the United States where you can find all the gear and equipment at the greatest prices are listed below.

1. Speedo


Speedo is the world’s best-selling swimwear brand, having been founded in 1928 on Bondi Beach near Sydney, Australia. Speedo’s history of invention began that year, with the release of the Racerback suit, the world’s first non-wool suit that allowed for more flexibility of movement. Soon after, Swedish swimmer Arne Borg established a world record in Speedo swimsuit, cementing the brand’s reputation among swimmers and the broader public.

Website : –https://www.speedousa.com/

2. TYR


TYR Sport was founded in 1985 in Huntington Beach, California, by swimwear designer Joseph DiLorenzo (current owner) and 1972 Olympic Bronze Medalist Steve Furniss to deliver vivid, performance-driven prints to the competitive swim market. TYR has grown to become one of the most famous swimming and triathlon companies in the world since its inception three decades ago.

Website :- https://www.tyr.com/

3. Swim2000


The best swimming products, with the best price possible for the swimming community. Outfitting America’s Swim Teams since 1994. Swim Jammers, Swim Briefs, Technical Swimsuits, Drag Suits,Water Polo Suits,Tri Suits and many  more. Customer satisfaction is our Number 1 priority, and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that you are 100% pleased with your products. If within 45 days of your order you decide, for any reason, that you aren’t happy with your products, simply return them for a full refund of their purchase price. And if you decide to exchange your old products for something new, you won’t be charged to re-ship your order.

Website :-https://www.swim2000.com/

4. Kiefer


Adolph Kiefer, an American, founded Kiefer in 1947. Adolph Kiefer had won gold in the 100-meter backstroke in the 1936 Olympics, established 14 world records, and taught thousands of Navy personnel to swim during World War II by that time. Many of the items and swim categories established by Adolph Kiefer are still in use today, including competitive racing lanes, starting blocks, swimwear, lifeguard safety, and aquatic therapeutic solutions. We are humbled by our history and proud of our continuous dedication to Swim with Confidence in the aquatics sector after 70 years of innovation.

Website :- https://www.kiefer.com/

5. Swimoutlet


SwimOutlet is the United States’ largest online specialised store for swimming, fashion, beach, and surf gear. We’ve been focusing on providing the greatest online shopping experience and the best value for over 17 years. Repeat orders and word-of-mouth recommendations from loyal, delighted clients are essential to our success and survival. We’re proud to have previously been recognised by Internet Retailer as an e-commerce industry leader and by Apparel Magazine as a “Top Innovator” in 2019. We are convinced that SwimOutlet.com will be your first option for excellent products, competitive prices, prompt delivery, and an enjoyable online shopping experience.

Website :- https://www.swimoutlet.com/

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