challenges of youth sports organizers

Youth sports organizers are the backbone of sports events that provide opportunities for young athletes to develop and showcase their skills. However, running a successful sports program comes with its own set of challenges. We will go through some common challenges youth sports organizers face and how they can be solved.

Player Registrations Issues

Many sports organizers face difficulty registering the players with all required details, with payments, within the proper timelines. Many players miss the registration deadline and subsequently miss the whole season. The organizers don’t always ask for all the details needed and the documents during the registration, then later it becomes a headache collecting and managing this data. The parents always don’t know when the registration is open and where to register.

Payment Collection Problems

Collecting payments is a significant headache for youth sports organizers. They don’t always subscribe to the right online payment processing service. They either pay too much commission for collecting payments online or try to collect payments manually, which is inefficient and a waste of time, and in the process, they lose a lot of money. A right system in place will help here and also prevent any misuse of the funds.

Field Availability and Usage Issues

Sports organizers face the daunting task of acquiring fields for the right date and times from the cities and towns. Then the fields are not properly used, resulting in wasted resources and sometimes overbooking of some fields. Moreover, it happens that players arrive at a field who are let down after knowing that the field is wet or under maintenance. Also, there are issues with providing the proper details of the field for scheduling purposes, opening or closing it for play, etc.

System Accessibility

Many sports organizers work part-time and are in multiple places, making it difficult to be up to date with all the organization and team matters. On top of that, they have different working hours, which poses various scheduling challenges. If they have access to a good system via web and mobile app, then that solves most of the problems, but that is not always the case.

Scheduling Conflicts 

Scheduling games according to players’ preferences can be conflicting. In addition, many kids participate in multiple sports or activities, making it challenging to coordinate schedules.

Sourcing and Managing Volunteers

Most sports organizers have to deal with organizing events that require a lot of volunteers. It’s very hard to recruit and manage volunteers. A good system will help to communicate and recruit the volunteers and then provide the right incentives to the volunteers. The system should track the volunteer attendance and hours and then allow assigning the volunteers with the right task.

Expectations of Parents

Many parents are very caring for their children, which is justified. However, the parents need some authentic source to rely on and see their child doing good. Parents should have access to their child’s performance data along with all other relevant data, including an open communication channel. A good system in place will help meet the expectations of the parents, but most organizations still need such a system.

Weather Interruptions

Bad weather can be a significant issue for youth sports events, resulting in cancellations and rescheduling. A good system allows organizers to update field statuses and communicate with players and parents.

Managing All the Teams of the Organization

Most organizations don’t have full control over their teams in terms of scheduling practice on the right fields, participation in the right leagues and tournaments, providing the right resources, sending notifications at the right time, even the roster itself. Organizations don’t use the right tools to maintain the precise record of their teams in terms of the stats, history, fixtures, squad analysis, and standings. 

Keeping a Record of Player Data

Many sports organizers maintain only a basic record of their player data like contact information etc. They don’t maintain important data like player profiles, fitness details, track records, stats, participation details, teams played with, payments made, and overall history as a player. This is very useful for the players also who can showcase their record in the future with college scouts etc.

Team App for All Teams

Many sports organizers use social media for communication which is not reliable and unprofessional. Not to mention the security and privacy issues of social media. They don’t provide a team app for all teams, which makes team member’s communication easy and secure. The right team app should send messages to all channels and provide access to schedules, RSVP, team roster, team resources, live chat, etc.

Safety & Privacy Concerns

Ensuring the safety of all participants is a top priority for youth sports organizers. However, with so many kids involved, the safety and privacy of young athletes can be compromised without a proper system in place.


Many youth sports events require transportation for team members. However, coordinating transportation can be a logistical nightmare for organizers. 

Finally, the solution, an all-in-one software platform

A straightforward solution to address these challenges is adopting the right sports management platform like SportsPlus. An integrated web and mobile app solution will help organizers with all aspects of running a sports organization. By using a comprehensive sports management software like SportsPlus, youth sports organizers can save time, reduce costs, and improve the overall experience for players and parents.

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