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Thapos is an imaginative and simple to-utilize ‘across the board’ sports management platform intended for sports clubs and groups to coordinate their everyday administrative and commitment exercises related with running an alliance or group. The software helps the clubs and groups to set up and oversee a huge number of amusements while giving them the possibility to chop down their remaining task at hand and spare time.

Thapos provide one of the sports club management software which is cloud based, mobile friendly, and secure all in one sports platform to manage registrations, payments, schedules, teams, communications, fields, athletes, staff, and website which is unique from our competitors.

Thapos Key Features:

Website Builder for Sports Clubs/leagues:

  1. Manage content on the fly
  2. Widgets for every page
  3. Easy to use customization
  4. Looks great on any device
  5. Fully Integrated with App
  6. 24/7 Support

Online Sports Registration Software:

  1. Support Multiple Programs
  2. Discounts, Waiver Collection
  3. Customization Form Fields
  4. Easy Player Registration Process
  5. Advance Reports
  6. No Paperwork
  7. Online and Offline Payments

Online Payment Processing:

  1. We use WePay for the best in secure, convenient payments. Which ensures ultimate security to online payments.
  2. Flexible setup whether users can pay online, offline or have their choice with just the click of a button.
  3. Lowest processing rates and financial tracking.

Schedule Management:

  1. Creating perfect schedule for your Match, Practice, Events
  2. Organization Level Scheduling
  3. Team Level Scheduling
  4. Role based Access
  5. Reminders, Reports
  6. Field Reservations

Sports Team App:

  1. Team Scheduling Management
  2. Roster, player availability
  3. Announcements, Live Chat
  4. Pictures, Videos, Resources
  5. Match Results, Attendance
  6. Team Shop, Sponsors

Player Portal:

  1. Athlete Performance Management
  2. Match, stats and game skills
  3. Fitness Test
  4. Athlete Profile
  5. Stats, Achievements and History
  6. Pictures, Videos, Academic Stats

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us. An excellent support team that understands you is always available at contact us and +1 (925) 498-0600.

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