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Thapos is an innovative & easy-to-use ‘all-in-one’ sports management platform designed for sports clubs and leagues to integrate their day-to-day managerial and engagement activities associated with running a league or team. The platform helps the clubs and leagues to set up and manage thousands of games while giving them the feasibility to cut down their workload and save time.

It provides Easy, flexible, secure, and powerful online sports registration software.

Which helps in waiver collections, discounts, offers, secure online payments which leads to “Less Paperwork and More Registration”

8 Ways which makes our Online Sports Registration Software unique from other competitors.

Supports Multiple Programs One solid platform that handles multiple programs and multiple sports.

Easy Player Registration Simple registration process. Families can register multiple kids in one shot.

Customizable Form Field Add your own custom fields to the registration forms and collect right data from players.

Advanced Reports Detailed reports about the registrations and payments. Export them to a file.

Discounts,Waiver Collection Provide multiple discounts. Collect all waivers as required for the program.

Online and Offline Payments Secure online payment processing along with offline payment options.

No Paperwork Let the players and parents enter the right data. Reduced paperwork for everybody.

Alerts Receive alerts on program status and payment dues.

Improve revenues with secure online registrations Try for Free option also available.

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