Youth sports scheduling errors and other mismanagement by staff members, coaches, and parents can pose severe security issues to the young players. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid as a sports organizer.

#1 AM/PM Missing in the Time

Not mentioning am/pm correctly in the time can change the arrival time, and automated event reminders can leave players stranded or not ready in time or may cause them to come in contact with the wrong people.

#2 Multiple Venue Problem

A team scheduled to play at two different locations could end up with some players in one place and others at a different place. In addition, similar field names or unfamiliar abbreviations for field names can cause players to reach and wait in the wrong fields.

#3 Missing to Mention the Address

Not having all the location details, such as the map web address and the exact playing area details, can cause players to arrive late to the game or come in contact with the wrong people.

#4 Unverified Carpool

Scheduling kids to carpool to the venue with strangers without verification can be dangerous. 

#5 Scheduling Games at Unusual Times

Most sports organizers schedule games too late into the night or early in the morning. As a result, it is challenging for parents to pick up and drop off their kids safely at the venue. 

#6 Forget to Share the Latest Updates

Suddenly canceled games or a field change that is not updated with everyone can cause parents to drop kids on the wrong field. In addition, misinformation and rumors about a date or venue change could lead to believing that the game is at a different time or location.

#7 Sharing Sensitive Information Online

Sharing personal details on the website or social media with the schedule, such as the player’s address and contact information, can result in security issues.

#8 Communication Chaos

Not distributing the schedules through all possible channels, including the mobile app, website, emails, SMS, and calendar sync, can lead to confusion and chaos. 

#9 Wrong Official & Volunteer Scheduling

The inability to schedule the proper officials & volunteers for the game can lead to haywire, and the players can come in contact with the wrong people.

#10 Missed Background Check of the Staff

Failing to do the correct background checks on all organization staff members can lead to various security issues. You do not want your young players to be at risk at the venue.


The consequences of these mistakes can be dangerous for young players. Therefore, sports organizers should take proactive measures to prevent things from happening. For example, you can leverage efficient Sports Management Software to conduct accurate scheduling for leagues and tournaments. 

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