youth sports scheduling error

Youth sports scheduling errors and other mismanagement by the staff members, coaches, and even parents can pose various security issues to the young players. Some of them are simple and easy to address by using the right tools and adopting the proper processes. Here are some of those common issues that could pose security issues to the young players.

Ignoring to mention some of the details such as am/pm correctly in the time, the exact arrival time, automated event reminders can leave players stranded or not ready in time or may cause them to come in contact with the wrong people.

A team scheduled to play at two different locations could end up some players in one place and others at a different place.

 Here are some issues related to facilities/venues, which can cause players arriving late to the games or even make them wait at the wrong location.

  • A field change which is not updated with everyone can cause parents/guardians to drop kids in the wrong field.
  • Similar looking field names or using abbreviations for field names that everyone is not familiar with can cause players to reach and wait in the wrong fields.
  • Not having all the location details, such as map web address, the exact playing area details can cause players to arrive late to the game or come in contact with the wrong people.
  • Scheduling kids to carpool with unknown people can result in some security issues. 
  • Publishing or sharing data on the internet (social media), even just about the team or a game can result in some security issues. In some cases, the team or even an event can reveal certain sensitive information such as the player’s personal and contact information.
  • Sharing schedule calendars that were generated using untrusted third-party platforms can confuse team members and cause security issues.
  • Some misinformation, such as rumors on a date change or venue change, could lead to believe that the game is at a different time or location. A proper scheduling system should help avoid these issues.
  • Some communication issues, such as organization staff not addressing member questions promptly, coaching not responding to emails quickly, forgetting to update canceled events immediately… can lead to confusion and chaos. 
  • Similar looking team names could confuse some players and parents. Name your teams clearly and uniquely.
  • The inability to secure the right officials for a game can lead to wrong people to come in contact with the players.
  • New coaches not aware of local customs and security issues can contribute to the problem.
  • Failing to do the right background checks on all organization staff members can lead to various security issues.

Most of these issues can be avoided by using the right sports scheduling software to manage league and tournament schedule management. It’s even better to use a complete sports management system like SportsPlus.


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