Social media are changing many aspects of our daily lives without us even realizing. They have become an important platform for communication and enable us to stay in touch with friends and family easier.

Furthermore, surprisingly, social media have a huge impact on the sporting world. They changed the way that fans, athletes, and teams interact and go about their business.

The following article looks at just how influence social media have had on sports.

Watch Live Sporting Events Through Social Media

Traditionally, sports are watched through terrestrial TV or TV subscription channels. This has been the way of the world for many years. Social media, however, look to shake traditions up as more and more people turn to live sports streaming through social media platforms.

Various different sporting events and complimentary review shows are now being broadcast through platforms such as Twitter, and more and more people are catching on to the idea. Bettingsites even states that back in 2017, Facebook streamed an entire 46 matches from Mexico’s Liga MX soccer league on their website. This is causing media corporations to take note and consider different strategies as they may lose customers in the future.

Stay Up To Date With Current News And Stats In The Sporting World

Sports news is usually printed in newspapers and broadcast on sports show or news channels. Social media has opened up a whole new avenue for sports news and updated to be presented to fans.

Instead of turning on the TV and checking out a news station, fans can simply login to Twitter or Facebook, for example, and find thousands of different news pieces and links to articles on practically every live sporting event taking place.

Interact With Your Favourite Sports Stars, Coaches, And Teams

This is possibly one of the most interesting developments and one that fans love the most. Many sports superstars, teams, and coaches actually use social media and maintain active accounts on Twitter and Instagram. This means that fans can actually get the chance to talk to their sporting heroes and interact with them on a level that has rarely been possible before.

You can literally search for your favorite sporting legend on Twitter, for example, find his official account (there are many fake accounts!), and then respond to his tweets, or even tag him in direct tweets too!

It is not out of the realms of possibility to have a conversation with a sports superstar through social media – in essence, they have become much more accessible and visible to the public.

Have Friendly Banter With Opposing Fans And Supporters

Finally, social media is allowing fans to engage with the enemy! Fans can use Twitter and Facebook, for example, to speak to rival fans before or even during a big match or competition. In essence, the world of sport has become more open and involved, and the level of communication available has exploded.

As you can see, social media really has had a positive impact on the world of sports, especially for fans.

The infographic below provides additional info and stats about this interesting subject:


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