Youth sports Esports problem during covid19

Due to coronavirus, most of the kids are staying at home following the precautionary measures. This situation will lead kids to play more video games and a lot of esports. Here are some tips that would be helpful for parents and sports organizers to engage kids in the right activities.

Set Time Limits

Parents should set proper timings for the kid to play video games. This can be for 1-2 hours, but in case of kids demanding for more, you can extend it up to 2-3 hours max. Some apps are also available that parents can use for time management. Kids should be carefully watched, and a proper schedule should be given to them. After some time, if kids show responsibility, they can be set on their own, but the parent should not forget their responsibilities too.

Encourage Mind Games

Usually, kids are interested in action and shooting games. These games are good to spend leisure time, but these games make kids addicted to them. So, it is always suggested that parents should try to engage kids in mind challenging games like Chess, which will increase the productivity and creativity of kids.

Physical Exercise

This should be the top priority of parents to engage their kids in some physical exercise at their home. This doesn’t require a large playing field or big lawn etc. Instead, posture movement exercise and yoga can be done in the living room too. Parents should also take part in it so that kids feel excited to perform tasks.

Keep Them Busy

Parents and Sports Organizers should engage their kids in some useful activities like doing research and collecting stats for their favorite sports. Some kids also feel interested in bringing new innovative ideas that can be applied in their game. This not only helps kids avoid boredom, but it can also help them to do some research work as well, which can prove viable in the future.

Avoid Playing at Night

Serial gamers and professional esports players play at night? Well, this is not a myth, rather a fact. Kids should not be allowed to play esports at night because it can stimulate adrenaline in them due to playing in peace and entirely focusing, which can result in making them an addict. The preferred timings are in the afternoon or before noon because, at this time, kids are exhausted from their daily routine and require some break.

Family Talks

Family talks are not crucial for kids’ engagement, but it can also help in grooming and increasing their communication skills. They can discuss some interesting topics, or parents and kids can also share their daily share routines and funny moments. Parents should also pay close attention to what their kids are saying because this can boost their self-confidence and self-belief.

Improving Social Skills

Parents can also help their kids in enhancing their social skills by communicating with them regularly. The more significant family gathering is not recommended in this current situation, but kids should be given a chance to talk with their relatives and should be pushed in cross-talk to muster their courage. Parents should provide small lessons to kids in a practical manner or in the form of an exciting story which doesn’t feel boring.

Art and Painting

Kids love to do painting and artwork, but they need to be encouraged. Kids are generally very creative, and they relish these activities more than anything else. The thing that is required is that the parent should pay close attention to this matter, and they should provide the kid with every stationary they need. Moreover, parents can also hold a competition between kids to promote a competitive environment.

Watching Sports on TV

Instead of playing esports, parents can also guide their kids to watch their favorite sports on TV. This will not only help in engaging them but will also help to increase their skills in that particular sports. Parents should also be very cautious about setting time limitations so that kids are not addicted to it. Parents can also divide playing teams among their kids and can celebrate with the small achievement of their own team. This will create an amiable and motivational atmosphere.

Reading Books and Articles

Kids often hate reading books, but parents should try to bring pictorial books and short guides as they are more interactive. Sports Organizers should try to send a little pack of small books about different sports with photographs. Parents can also help their kids in reading these books to provoke their interest.

Team member-friendly competition 

Coaches and Sports Organizers can have a friendly competition between players on any online forum. The competition can vary from having a quiz or just random questions. In some cases, they can also organize some sport-related competitive activities. This is much better than playing online games with random people on the internet.

Sports homework

As discussed before, coaches can give assignments and home tasks to players sitting at their homes. It can vary depending on their interest and taste. It can some research work or just filling out player performance. Likewise, they can also give daily digest to players with a short assessment at the end. Overall, this can promote the engagement of players toward real sports also.

Video conferencing

As leaning has paused due to the current situation, but still coaches and sports organizers can have online training via video conferencing. They can ask players about their daily routine, can give advice, can answer specific questions as well. Team members can also communicate with each other and discuss their plans too. Long story short, this type of conversation is beneficial for kids to stay motivated and feel excited as days progresses.

We hope this situation will soon vanish, and hopefully, everything will come to normal again. Kids have to be motivated and helped to maintain their active lifestyles. Also, parents need to push their kids in some fitness activities to keep their muscles functioning as this will help to avoid strain and injuries on resumption. Sports organizers should also keep parents regularly updated about the situation and preferably send them weekly digest and follow-up newsletters using the right league management software.

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