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Preparing your sports organization for 2021 and beyond

These are unprecedented times. For most of us, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt not just in our lives but also in our livelihoods. Many businesses (Sports Organizations) have been impacted and are struggling to get back… Continue Reading →

Getting in Physical Shape for Wrestling.

Endurance is what can separate a good wrestler and an awesome wrestler. Even if your opponent is stronger, faster, and more skilled, having the attitude and endurance that wrestling at the next level necessitates will allow you to beat such… Continue Reading →

How to Write a College Basketball Player Profile?

Follow these steps to create a college basketball player profile. Steps: Select a basketball player at a college. Local is ideal. Gather information on the selected basketball player. If the player is not a freshman, find career statistics, and career-high… Continue Reading →

Baseball Management Software

Thapos provides one of the baseball management software to baseball clubs, leagues, teams, athletes, coaches, and parents. Cloud based, mobile friendly, and secure all in one baseball software to manage registrations, payments, schedules, teams, communications, fields, athletes, staff, and website… Continue Reading →

Sports Website Builder

Thapos sports website builder for sports clubs/leagues is connected directly to the registration and club/league management system. Thapos website builder provides you with powerful and easy to use tools to build and manage a great website for your sports organization. Build… Continue Reading →

How to Increase Baseball Pitching Velocity?

The faster you are able to throw a ball the better you’ll be at baseball. As many athletes know some players have natural talent and some have to work at it. Natural talent can take you far but hard work… Continue Reading →

Best Sports Club/League Management Software

  sports club management software

9 Tips for Picking the Perfect Running Shoe

Spinal discomfort or pain can often limit or completely stop a person from continuing his or her previous exercise routine. But an active lifestyle is a key piece of long-term health, and also important to the quality of life for… Continue Reading →

Best Strength Training Strategies for Wrestling

Strength training for wrestlers is vital to becoming successful in wrestling. I think strength training should be started as young as six years old. Strength training has significant benefits when done properly. One of the benefits includes a reduced potential… Continue Reading →

How to Learn From a Loss

In sports, the overall goal is often to win. But in order for there to be a winner, there must also be a loser—that’s just the nature of the game. At some point in their career, all athletes have suffered… Continue Reading →

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