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Most important, in hockey the size of the heart is more important than the size of the body. This is something that attracts Canadians, perhaps more than anything. … This identification with the sport is what makes the love affair between hockey and Canadians so strong.

Preparing your sports organization for 2021 and beyond

These are unprecedented times. For most of us, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt not just in our lives but also in our livelihoods. Many businesses (Sports Organizations) have been impacted and are struggling to get back… Continue Reading →

Ice Hockey Management Software

Thapos provides one of the ice hockey management software to ice hockey clubs, leagues, teams, athletes, coaches, and parents. Cloud based, mobile friendly, and secure all in one ice hockey software to manage registrations, payments, schedules, teams, communications, fields, athletes,… Continue Reading →

Tips and Tricks Every Defensemen Should Know

HOCKEY TIPS EVERY DEFENSEMEN SHOULD KNOW Being a great defensemen isn’t about the hits or the shots its about being the entire package.  When I was on the ice I knew what was going on in both my own players… Continue Reading →

Keeping young ice hockey players in shape during the offseason

Once the long hockey season ends and spring/summer arrives, it can be natural for your child to hang up his/her skates and move on to other activities until fall. However, if your child doesn’t work to stay fit, they could be… Continue Reading →

12 Defensive Tips

Defense and goaltending typically wins championships. It’s interesting how year after year the Stanley Cup–winning team typically has the fewest goals against. Great defensemen are great at getting the puck and starting the offense going the other way. Here’s how… Continue Reading →

5 Off-Ice Hockey Drills for Kids

While time on the ice is necessary for a young hockey player’s development, progress can certainly be made off of the ice as well. With that in mind, these off-ice hockey drills focus on gaining and maintaining possession and converting… Continue Reading →

Youth Ice Hockey Safety Tips

Risks And Types Of Injury Each year, almost 87,000 hockey-related injuries to youths under age 15 are treated in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and hospital emergency rooms. The total cost of these hockey-related injuries was more than… Continue Reading →

5 Essential Mental Preparation Tips for Hockey Players

Hockey, like all sports, is filled with intangibles and idiosyncrasies that define the game, the culture and determines who achieves the most success. We’ve all heard the saying, “Hockey is 10% physical and 90% mental.” The statement may be a… Continue Reading →


As players master the basic skills of skating and puck handling, hockey coaches can begin to shift the focus from technique to speed and quickness in these skills. Here are some drills that you can teach your intermediate players. FACE… Continue Reading →

How To Keep Players Motivated Throughout Hockey Season

The NHL pros duke out each season in an 82-game stretch that takes them from the beginning of October through the end of April. While kids’ leagues rarely extend their seasons for even half as long, there’s no doubt that… Continue Reading →

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