It is very easy to strain ligaments in your leg while goal kicking so being warmed up and stretched is essential.

Place the ball on a tee.

There are numerous types of tees available and you can even use a mound of sand but ideally you want the ball leaning slightly forward, to expose the sweet spot, with a seam pointed at your target. Aim to just to the right of the posts. Point your non kicking leg to the middle of the posts.

Step away from the ball preparing your run up.

This is all about personal preference. You may take 3 long steps backwards, look at the goal to make sure you are lined up correctly, and then take 2 long steps to the right, if you are a left footer. If you are a right footer, you may want to step to the left, but it is up to you. And if you prefer a different style, that’s fine too: do whatever works for you.

Focus your energy into your kicking leg.

You can do this lots of ways such as swinging your arms or clapping your hands together.

Begin your run up to the ball.

As you approach the ball try to plant your non-kicking foot as close to the the tee as you can.

Shift your weight

Onto your non-kicking foot, and allow your kicking leg to swing through striking the ball.

Strike the ball with your instep on the sweet spot of the ball.

The sweet spot is located about 1/3 up the ball.

Follow through with your foot for maximum height and distance.

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