A right sports management software platform eliminates most of the paperwork, which allows the organizers to focus on what matters the most, which is providing the best sports training to all of its players and delivering a memorable sports experience. Without the right platform in place, the organization staff could easily get lost in the paperwork, end up with the fragmented data in multiple systems, disconnected staff members, out of control email chains, missed payments, among other problems. The sports platform not only helps avoid those problems, but also helps with player registrations, online payments, making teams and schedules, running leagues and tournaments, managing fields and members, publishing website, and mobile app. All organization players, parents, coaches, officials, and staff members will benefit from having the right sports management platform in place, including:

    • Save time and stay organized
    • Improved program registrations and revenues
    • Accurate and up to date info for members
    • Get paid early with online payments
    • Secured data with controlled access
    • Reports and the data at the fingertips all the time
    • Convenient online access for all
    • A free mobile app for all members
    • Brings everyone onto the same page
    • Improved communication which keeps everyone informed

sportsplus The sports organizations benefit from a good sports platform in many ways, including :

Streamlined player registrations process: A good sports platform makes it easy to open, process, and control the registrations. It allows customizing the registration form fields to collect the right data from the players. It also will enable organizations to manage the registration process more tightly to achieve the desired results, including recruiting the right players, improving registrations and revenues. For players and parents, it will save time and energy by eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

Makes it easy to pay: A right sports platform allows organization staff to streamline payment collection, up to date record keeping, payment reports, and payment reminders. It eliminates most of the payment errors and helps to generate financial reports quickly and efficiently. For added convenience, it allows members to pay online using credit cards or bank accounts, which results in collecting payments early, lower missed payments and improved revenues.

Team management made easy: A right sports software will make it easy to create the rosters with the right team members and allows them to log in to their team portal and manage their team independently. It enables managing team schedules, RSVP, messages, and team resources. It helps to simplify the team management and communication, which leads to better teamwork and team success.

Efficient scheduling (League, Tournament): A right sports platform helps with the smooth and efficient league, season, and tournament scheduling for all organization teams. It will make it easy to schedule games, practices, and events. A modern platform should allow generating the league schedules, and tournament brackets with sophisticated options by avoiding all conflicts. It should distribute the generated schedules automatically through all right channels (Email, SMS, Mobile App, Calendar, Website). It should allow the organization staff to retain the full control, to change the schedules, update scores, and even cancel games. Finally, it should automatically publish the standings and brackets for everyone to see.

Facility management made easy: A right sports platform helps to manage facilities efficiently by avoiding conflicts and confusion with the game and practice schedules. A good sports platform allows the staff members to manage the procurement process, allocation of the fields, and make it easy to access all the details of the facility, including pictures, maps, and parking details. Advanced sports management platforms also allow coaches and other members to request the reservation for a facility, which the organization staff can approve or deny.

Publishing website and mobile app made easy and efficient: Good sports platforms usually come with an easy to use in-built website builder, which allows publishing a customized website. The website builder usually allows choosing a presentation template, then allows adding pages and content along with the widgets easily. A good sports platform will make it so easy to automatically publish information online like programs for registration, articles, schedules, standings, brackets, documents, fields, staff member details, online shop, etc. A right sports platform gives full control to the staff members on the website presentation, layout, security, and publishing data to the website. Advanced sports platforms provide mobile app free of cost for all the organization members who can log into the mobile app with the same account and access all their data, and receive mobile notifications.

It makes it easy to take care of the members: A good sports platform helps capture all the accurate member data and allows access to this data by the right members. It usually employs role-based security, which secures and empowers members by giving access to the right resources. It facilitates smooth communication (Email, SMS, Chat, Online, Mobile App) with various groups, including players, parents, coaches, volunteers, officials, and staff members.

Helps players grow and families to manage it all easily: A good sports software allows families to manage all their family members efficiently by providing access to all their data (teams, schedules, registrations, payments, documents) in one place. It allows collecting player and team metrics, set the goals, track performance, and compare with peers. It will enable players to build their profile, which can be shared with coaches or scouts. 

Convenience and security often do not go together. But the right sports platform provides convenient online and mobile access, and at the same time, takes care of the safety with the proper security protocols in place. Most sports management systems offer plans to start low and then allows to grow. They usually provide excellent support through self-service portals, phone, and email. Also, a right sports platform also supports the majority of the sports including Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Track & Field, Swimming, and more.

In the end, the right sports management platform saves your time, energy, and money. It will make you look great and organized.